JKA Electronics Electronic Design with Imagination
JKA ElectronicsElectronic Design with Imagination

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At JKA Electronics we pride ourselves on providing imaginative and innovative designs right first time to suit our customers' budgets and time scales. JKA Electronics are able to help at any stage of the design and manufacturing cycle. We do advise involving JKA Electronics at the conceptual stage in order to enhance the outcome thereby reducing cost and time to market.









The solutions and services we offer include:

  • Electrical/Electronic Hardware Design
  • Software/Firmware
  • Circuit Analysis including WCCA (worst case circuit analysis)
  • Design Validation including functional and environmental testing
  • Prototype build
  • EMC advice and testing to CE and Automotive standards
  • Mechanical Design
  • Production (through our recomended partners)

JKA Electronics: Imaginative electronic design, testing services for commercial, industrial and automotive customers

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